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About Burgundy

Perhaps no other region in France has the capacity to enchant, delight, confound, intrigue and disappoint like Burgundy. A beautiful bucolic stretch of land, the vineyards start near the city of Auxerre and end just above Lyon. Here, Chardonnay is queen and Pinot Noir king, but varieties like Gamay and Aligoté also make serious contributions. The notion of terroir is supremely important in Burgundy, and one could make their life’s work cataloging and understanding the thousands of named single vineyards and parcels, each contributing their own personality and unique character to the wines. Nowhere else does soil composition enjoy such a rarified and irrational devotion.

Burgundy cuisine is marvelous in its own right- and kitchen icons such as coq au vin and beef bourguignon both originated here. Agricultural products like the blue-footed Bresse chicken, epoisses, Charolais beef, forest mushrooms and the piquant, robust flavor of Dijon mustard all provide their own rich character to a world class cuisine.

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