Domaine Gilles Noblet - Fuissé

Located in Fuissé, the heart of the southern Maconnais, Gilles Noblet’s 12-hectare domaine represents the best artisan traditions of the region:  respect for the different “terroirs” of the domaine, low yields in the vineyards, and meticulous winemaking that expresses both the Chardonnay fruit and the characteristics of the vineyard site, with a gentle (20% new) touch of oak. The average age of the vines is 45 yrs, with some vines as old as 75 yrs. Gille Noblet Pouilly-Fuissé is a high-quality expression of this famous appellation, and makes one realize why it became so popular with Americans in the ‘70’s. In a region dominated by high-volume cooperatives and the labels of negociants, Noblet’s wines show the quality that can be attained in this region with a more personal and artisanal approach to wine production.


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