Domaine Marc Colin - Saint-Aubin

 Born in 1944, Marc Colin established his domaine in 1970, from vineyards inherited by him and his wife, Michèle. The domaine now totals 19 ha. They  have always made wines of great finesse and opulence. The Colin’s first son, Pierre-Yves, took over the winemaking duties in 1995, and left to pursue his own domaine  (Pierre-Yves Colin-Morey) with wife, Caroline Morey in 2002, but not without first updating the winery, investing in new equipment and improving the vineyard management. Today the domaine is ably run by brothers Joseph and Damien, and  sister Caroline. Damien is responsible for the winemaking and aging,  Joseph tends to the vineyards, and Caroline the sales bureau. Joseph farms as organically as possible but refuses to be hamstrung by dogmatically following any viticulture or winemaking philosophy.  Damien Colin is always seeking finesse and balance; he wants the wine to speak of the vineyards from which they come and has a gentle hand with new oak. He uses only the wild yeast from each vineyard and there is zero lees stirring. The result are stunning Burgundies coming from a devoted viticultural family with a lasting legacy.

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