Jean-Paul Metté Eaux-de-Vie d'Alsace - Ribeauville

Jean-Paul Metté is a true craft house, making artisanal and traditional Eaux de Vie d’Alsace. Eaux de vie, also known as the “water of life” is a clear brandy made from fruit other than grapes, cereals or herbs. It is a delicacy and well sought after especially in the Alpine regions in which it is commonly made. Metté's history begins in the 1960’s, where Mr. Metté learned the art of making Eaux de Vie d’Alsace as an apprentice to his neighbor. He then passed the craft to his godson, Phillipe Traber, in the 1980’s. Mr. Traber now runs the distillerie, and has made significant changes to the alambics, as well as adding several new flavors to the line. 

Flowers, herbs and fruits are chosen carefully from established farmers. Distillation takes place in small, traditional stills made of copper—the same ones used by Jean-Paul Mette. Fermented fruits are distilled twice, while macerated ones are distilled once only, in order to guarantee a perfect balance.



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