A. E. Dor Cognac - Jarnac

Maison A. E. Dor was founded by Amadée Dor in 1858, and has been a family-run Cognac house dedicated to producing some of the world’s finest distilled spirits since then. Through generations, this has remained the work of the Dor and Rivière familes, and is currently run by the Pierre-Antoine Rivière, who succeeded his father, Jacques.. Experience, talent, dedication and the gift of time now contribute to this offering of Cognacs ranging from the smooth and exceptional V.S. Sélection, to the more than century-old Cognac #11 Grande Champagne . While the family vineyards are given over to the production of an amazing range of Pineau des Charentes, the Rivières are master blenders and purchase grapes for distillation or young Cognac for aging and blending in their cellars. At every level of quality; V.S., V.S.O.P., or X.O., the Cognacs of A. E. Dor are aged well beyond the legal minimums, giving their Cognacs great depth of aroma and flavor and a remarkably mellow character.

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