Maison Gelas Armagnac - Vic-Fezensac

Maison Gelas Armagnac was established in 1865 and has been at its present location in Vic-Fezansac ever since. The family firm is now run by the engaging Philippe Gelas, representing the 4th generation at the helm. Gelas has abandoned the vague, old references such as Réserve or Hors d’Age and Cognac terms such as VSOP, replacing them with more precise statements of age and varietal, in addition to an essential 3 year-old “Sélection” and very mellow 8 year-old Bas Armagnac, Gelas offers three extraordinary 100% single varietal Bas Armagnacs: 18 year-old Folle Blanche, 25 year-old Ugni Blanc and 50 year-old Baco. In a nod to tradition, Maison Gelas offers an impressive range of vintage Armagnac, the oldest dating back to 1897. The family owns vineyards but only for the production of still wine. Gelas prefers to buy young Armagnac or grapes for distillation and use his skill and know-how at aging and blending, handed down through 4 generations.

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