Domaine du Saut au Loup - Chinon

Domaine du Saut au Loup, formerly Domaine Dozon, is located south of Chinon, on the left bank of the Vienne.  Originally a traditional livestock and produce farm, they turned to viticulture with the acquisition of 5 ha within the renowned Clos de Saut au Loup in the early 20th century. Eric Santier, a Chinon native, purchased the Domaine in 2013 from Laure Dozon, with help from the esteemed Baudry family, for whom he had worked. Some of the older, less desirable barrels were discarded, replaced with fiberglass tanks and Santier now seeks to make more pure and fresh expressions of wine from his village. This is clean, mindful, and traditional winemaking at its best.


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