Yes We Are Doing This Dumb Valentine's Day Tie-In...

February 13, 2017

We are not sure where this whole Saint-Amour/Valentine's Day thing got started, but you shouldn't wait until the middle of February to drink Beaujolais, nor do we recommend pairing it with chocolate! Do yourself a favor and grab a huge chunk of a fatty sausage instead (if you can get your hands on a suitcase piece of rosette dy lyon, even better- if not a good soppressata will do). Now chill a bottle of Domaine des Vieilles Caves Saint-Amour. This is more than a bottle of wine- this is a family legacy, a plot of 80 + year old vines that belonged to Jêrome's grandfather. Janodet can only coax about 250 cases out of these old vines every year; a true testament to love and devotion. We are thrilled to see the Janodets  are getting some press, but truly, we have loved them all along.

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