Ready Your Oyster Knives-The Melon Has Landed!

April 7, 2017

The excitement at Chez Corso is palpable given that we are rapt with excitement about the arrival of Henri Poiron’s  2016 Domaine des Quatres Routes Muscadet. It is a wine we look forward to receiving each year. Light crisp and full of verve, it always signals that summer is nigh.

Depsite its simple encépagement (just one grape- Melon de Bourgogne) and straightforward style, the region of Muscadet is surprisingly complex; a patchwork of gneiss, granite, feldspars and mica. Much of this compelling terroir went unnoticed for years, as production was relegated to cooperatives making industrial plonk.

Thankfully, this era has passed and we are seeing very high-quality Muscadets in the marketplace- Eric Poiron’s among them, of course.. A renewed interest in terroir and sustainability now defines the region; Eric produces his wines following the principles of Terra Vitis. 

Best of all though, Melon is a perfect friend for fresh seafood, espcially oysters. It's 1700 hours somewhere, and there is a plateau de fruits de mer with your name on it!

Photo by archangel12

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