Secret de L'Enfer- A Michael Corso Selections Exclusive - Minervois

The quest for good quality, affordable Chardonnay and Pinot Noir can lead one down many paths, most of them disappointing in the end.  While discussing this very subject over dinner with Laurent Coustal, owner and wine maker of Château-Sainte-Eulalie in Minervois, Laurent leapt up from the table, his face beaming.  “Let me show you something” as he bounded out of the room. 

Tasting the unlabeled bottles that Laurent brought back from the chais, we were beaming as well as we enjoyed the mystery wines. “This is from a neighbor, a good friend of mine, he grows the grapes and makes the wine, and I bottle it for him. The vineyard is in a remote hilltop area that the locals call ‘L’Enfer’ or ‘Hell’ because the terrain is so rugged.”

“How much can we get?” was our immediate question.  “Not much but maybe enough to start” came Laurent’s reply.  And thus, at a cozy kitchen table in Minervois, the “Secret de L’Enfer” was discovered: a Chardonnay and Pinot Noir with real character at prices so affordable they can be enjoyed casually with friends and neighbors.   

We are pleased to introduce the “Secret de L’Enfer." Pinot Noir and Chardonnay! Although labeled as Vin de France, “Secret de L’Enfer” is grown and produced in limited quantities in the Minervois region of the Languedoc, and bottled at Château-Sainte- Eulalie

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