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About Champagne

No place conjures the image of luxury and celebration quite like Champagne, whose northern, frigid climate has long made still wine production virtually impossible. From the majesty of the “grand marque” houses to the independent, small growers, or recoltants, there is something for every palate when it comes to Champagne.

Beautiful and historic, the small towns that dot the landscape are surrounded by the chalky hillsides that support the viticulture. Chardonnay, Pinot Noir & Pinot Meunier are the primary varieties here; all made into still wine called vin clair that serves as the base for the end product. 

Champagne’s affinity for all manner of cuisine is criminally underutilized.. While the local cuisine is a rich panoply of game, terrines, hearty stews and fish, Champagne also works with California fresh, Thai and Japanese cuisines.

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